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Ushering of a new era

The New Year has marked the end of an era - a long history of people's movement in India, with the passing away of Shri. Jyoti Basu. I would like to begin by paying my respects to this legendary people's leader.

Today, it is a pleasure to announce the renewed version of ART News & Views, an informative magazine that will attempt to bring into focus important artistic and cultural events, not only of the city, but also in the national circuit, in retrospect and in forecast. There will also be scope for 'fashion' and 'fashion accessory', 'furniture', 'jewellery', 'antique' and 'public events', extending to all auction reports of the month. The main focus however will remain to be art.

It goes without mentioning, that Kolkata has severely been in need of a 'monthly' such as this. As this magazine is linked on the web through the blog wherein, all are welcome to post announcements and remarks, it acts as a public forum to announce and circulate information, which then make its place into the concurring issue.

The idea of having a 'guest editor' for every issue is not only innovative, but extends to becoming participatory, bringing news and views from the larger cross section of social activity.

So, let's share the cake and eat it too.  

  Chhatrapati Dutta 
Guest Editor 




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