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Soaked in Tranquility

by Dr. Saba Gulraiz

There are realities that transcend time, space and common perception, the consciousness of which comes only through one's personal experiences, sensitive feelings and intuitions. Comes with this consciousness are the realization, acceptance and acknowledgement of the 'One' who creates and energizes the current of life. The encounter of the subliminal self with this absolute reality brings a deep sense of peace. A tranquility that the constrained and confined world we live in does not allow. Faiza Huma's ongoing solo exhibition of paintings mounted by the Seagull Foundation for the Arts, Kolkata, from the 16th of April to the 2nd of May promises this sense of tranquility and optimism in the world of chaos and unrest. Drenched, soaked and drowned in tranquility, these recent works, all from her black and white series, are very much in sync with each other, creating a rhythmic harmony. The unmodulated white surface of her canvas gives a sense of mysterious vastness. Within this vastness we witness the process of creation as a dynamic phenomenon. On this immaculate surface, black forms manifest themselves as energy centers. Sometimes intermediated by horizontal, vertical or parabolic lines. Elsewhere, when lines exist independently as a distinct personality in their meditatively restful state, they delicately but firmly counterpoise with the majestic forms. Her restful line, marked by clarity and directness, is the supreme image/state of equanimity. A transcendental experience from whose mystical state lines enter into a magical realm where they transform themselves into a mirthful play. Unfolding the true essence of life that lies in its energy, continuity and vitality. Faiza Huma sings this life's rhythm in varying frequencies and progressive tones of her lines. Here, the artist also demonstrates her remarkable control over the hand that moves quickly and boldly to achieve its aim in one breath.

She is charismatic in her application of black that she has used with all sophistication and candor. Her black is intense, deep and emotive. It is exhilarating, ethereal and elegant. It emits energy that does not explode but calmly disseminates all around. While the black evokes energy, white, with all its luminous power, is the evocation of an infinite space. It is promising and auspicious. It is mystical and blissful. It is nascent, bright and angelic. And to this whiteness, a touch of silver adds a whole new visual interest in her work. These round pearly masses, dabbed in colour silver, are the incarnated spirit of light. Their opaline iridescence further enhances the angelic purity of her work and renders the feeling of greater harmony and contentment.

There are feelings that are beyond any bodily manifestations. They do not need words either. We know them only because we, as sensitive beings, experience them. Faiza Huma expresses this as:

The journey that you and I have made is difficult,

nay impossible to express in words.

How can I capture those moments in wordsthe moments that I have lived with you?

What name shall I give to this nurturing quiet

You have gifted me?

You who are Feeling.

All pervasive and alluring.

The present exhibition takes the viewer into this pristine world of feelings.  Feelings that nestle somewhere deep inside.

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