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Publisher's Note

Putting together the first issue on Protest Art had been a challenge, mainly because of the lack of institutionalized authoritative studies on the genre. However, your encouragement, dear reader, and responses after the first issue on Protest Art has egged us on to a more daunting task in April, where we go on to document the Groups, Movements etc. that have played important roles in this largely underground world movement at various times of crises.

Between the covers of this issue of Art Etc. news & views, are enfolded varied subjects from van Gogh to Frida Kahlo, Guerilla Girls to Nandigram, Bengal Artists of the '40s to the Radioactivists' protest against the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident in Japan.

We are indebted to our contributors, Soumik Nundy Majumdar, Vishal Tandon, Dr. Saba Gulraiz, Franck Barthelemy, Dr. Seema Bawa, Sarmistha Maity, Nalini Malaviya, Snehal Tambulwadikar, Sandhya Bordewekar, Rita Dutta, Tanya Abraham, Anurima Das, Koeli Mukherjee, Navya Ashokkumar, Sritama Halder, Sumitra Sunder, Nanak Ganguly and Abhijit Gupta for their insightful articles.

We also take this opportunity to inform you that your dear monthly art-read is getting more and more fans from across the world. This issue of Art Etc. news & views will be traveling to China as well as Europe, and will be available at Art Beijing and Art Brussels.

We hope to bring you the same reading satisfaction as always. Do write back to us and let us know of your feedback regarding this issue on Protest Art too.

Richa Agarwal                                                                                                      Vikram Bachhawat


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