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Thanks dear reader for your enthusiastic response to the three issue & views focussing on Printmaking and Printers. We are most emboldened by your support.

Starting with this issue and onto the next, we will focus on the most contemporary form of art practice in India, which is called Cutting Edge. Cutting Edge Art practice in India still remains in a nebulous zone of cultural production. Galleries and collectors do promote this kind of new age art practice but they still have not got a complete faith in it. Like any new art form, cutting edge practices too face the same fate; neglect, suspicion and scorn.

Cutting edge art is not just about the using of new technologies for the production of works of art. It also employs the new technologies to ideate, proliferate and debate its nuances amongst a larger but invisible audience community. In this way, often cutting edge art practices need not necessarily wait for the galleries to support or promote it. It could function like the viral messages within the social networking communities. It could bring inter-disciplinary ideas and practices on to the same platform of aesthetic discourse.

This and the next issue of artetc. news & views will focus on cutting edge art practice in India, and we would be happy if together they are successful in raising and debating a few relevant issues.

We thank JohnyML for agreeing to be the guest editor for the two issues as well as the contributors Nanak Ganguly, Meena Vari, Premjish Achari, Lijo Jos, Swapan Seth, Prayas Abhinav, Subhalakshmi Shukla, Snehal Tambulwadikar and others, for the time and effort they have given to write about this rarely documented form of contemporary art in India.

As always, we would be eagerly awaiting for your response to this issue, so do write in. As you know dear reader, your views are the ones that keep us on our feet.

Richa Agarwal                                                                                                      Vikram Bachhawat


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