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Dear reader, you may have been surprised at receiving 'Art Etc. news & views'. Let me assure you that this is not a new magazine, but two of your favourite magazines combined into one. The two magazines ‘Art Etc.' and 'Art news & views', have merged from this issue onwards.

'Art Etc.', was a quarterly and 'Art news & views' a monthly. From now on, the stimulating art reading of 'Art Etc.' and the information bundles of 'Art news & views' will reach you on a monthly basis. More matter, more stimulation of the aesthetic part of your mind, that is what we intend to present you with. Through the new avatar' Art Etc. news and views'.

What prompted us to merge the two, you may ask.

The main reason has been to give you a feel of the art movement on a more regular basis. We thought that the frequency of 'Art Etc.' should be increased, to keep you on a regular diet of the more aesthetic part of the art world, to keep you updated on the movements in the Indian scene.

At the same time, we thought that combining the information we collect from different sources for 'Art news & views', with the more theoretical aspects of art, as exemplified by 'Art Etc.' will make it more handy and more practical in approach. Thus, through the new avatar of 'Art Etc. news & views', you will get a total solution to your art and aesthetics diet a combination of information, theory, trends and analysis.

In this issue, we carry on with our theme of the Indian Art Treasures, and focus on Heritage artists from India, Rabindranath, Abanindranath, Gaganendranath, Nandalal Bose, Nicholas Roerich, Sailoz Mukherjee, Amrita Sher Gil, Jamini Roy and Raja Ravi Varma. We have some of the best names in the art world, specialists in their fields, writing on the Indian heritage artists. Nanak Ganguly writes on Raja Ravi Varma, Soumik Nandy Majumdar on Abanindranath Tagore, Keshav Malik writes on the very scantily written upon Sailoz Mukherjee. The article on Amrita Sher Gil has been written by Uma Prakash, while Ratan Parimoo, Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Mallik and Pranabranjan Roy write on Gaganendranath Tagore, Nandalal Bose and Jamini Roy. The article on the art of Rabindranath Tagore has been written by R. Siva Kumar and finally that on Nicholas Roerich has been written by H. A. Anil Kumar. We are indebted to each of our contributors for their valuable insights. We are also thankful to our guest editor for this issue.

Of course, there are the regular features of our previous issues as usual, including market monitor, market trends, reports of art events from different parts of the country et al.

Hope you enjoy this new avatar of Art Etc. news & views. Do write in, because your feedback, as always, will help us grow and serve you better.

Happy Reading


Richa Agarwal   
Vikram Bachhawat   


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