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This issue of Art: News and Views deals with the theme of photography. Photography, by the way, has always been an art form, and in one sense, it has been almost 'postmodern', when compared to more 'traditional' forms like painting and sculpture.

After all, one of highest priced 'modern' artists the world-over has been Andrew Warhol and his works have their base in photography. However, except for a few like Warhol, who has been the feast of global auctions, mainly due to his association and the country where he practiced, photography as a separate artistic genre has only been recognized in the late twentieth century.

A major reason for this has also been the fact that photography has for quite a long time been associated with the projection of reality in 'realistic' terms.

In this issue we deal with various photographers, both from India and abroad. We also talk in detail about genres of photography, how photography as an art form can be looked upon as an investment option and the market dynamics of Indian photographers. In addition, we have been privileged to be in possession of some rare photographs and plates, which have been shared with us by friends and associates. We especially thank IGNCA and Jyotindra Jain for the permission to publish Raja Deen Dayal, Tasveer – the photography gallery and the Alkazi foundation and of course the Guest Editor of this issue Mr. Rahab Allana. We do hope that this issue would prove to be enjoyable reading to all. Awaiting for your comments & feedback.

Happy reading.

Vikram Bachhawat  


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