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The present issue of Art news and views which has always remained a survey of field that has long been the focus of both practice and discussion in our contemporary art practice and off-mainstream studios and galleries is in a new avatar from this month. The size is bigger and layout more illustrative. It is not a replacement but an addition to add pleasure to the reader. It is, however, the result of our research and detailed study that will be of interest and importance to readers with varied taste in art, culture, antiques, collectible, furniture, music and cinema in all sorts of occupations other than those of contemporary and visual arts because of the interests these have on many aspects of our lives. For example, the incorporation of text, found objects and lettering into painting and sculpture and the function of language in which may be broadly termed today as conceptual art, offer the chronicler and explainer many possibilities of approach and investigation. Here we understand that and no single author is named on the title page to keep the introductory flourishes to a minimum. I believe that it is possible to give reading pleasures to our readers without the sacrifice of integrity and supply the readers with a more or less comprehensive view of the current scene of what we know as emerging trends. This issue especially focuses on the young and upcoming artists from major art centres in our country and abroad. The prose introductions to all the essays, sections and the plates have lent clarity to the argument. The online version of the magazine will be available online from October 1 at


GenNext V, this year's show at Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkata, starts from October 1 and continues till October 21, will feature the latest modes of expression from Painting ,Sculpture, Creative Photography to Digital Prints and New Media other than the latest thoughts in visual expression. It will, as always, go beyond a mere exhibition, and also give a chance to the young artists from across the globe to interact through seminars and workshops.

It is not enough to just create and be, it is also important for similarly inspired minds to interact, exchange notes and be in tandem with whatever is happening around the globe. It is all the more important for artists to be abreast of the latest techniques in the global art scene, the latest thoughts that are sweeping the world at times a lot subtly than what meets the eye. Because, it happens in the mind. GenNext is a forum that encourages young artistic minds from across the globe, to showcase their skills and negotiate contemporary complex issues through their medium of choice. Issues that meet the eye can always be interpreted differently. That is what GenNext is all about the common forum for artists, art collectors, art enthusiasts, critics and connoisseurs, to converge and interact. Going beyond the limit of a physical exhibition and being in touch. Exchange notes that will eventually inspire contemporary art across the globe.


  Vikram Bachhawat 




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