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Sometime in 1991, George Bush Sr. declared that we live in a unipolar world, by which he meant that there is only one life system which encompasses all of us. This one life-system is understandably governed by one economic system which is called multinational economy. This in turn, defines the global order. But the basic tenet of all life on this earth is defined in terms of “multiples”, whether it is human lives, animal lives or any economic system. It is in the nature of law that we live in the dialectical order of things, which would imply atleast two opposite/conflicting categories of things/objects. Hence the multiple comes into the picture. Similarly in art, there is just no one single way of looking at things or making an object. There could be similar ways of looking at things or similar views of life represented by the artists, but there isn't a “twin” in terms of art production. This is the most interesting part of life as well as art. More shades of life would bring in diverse forms of art. The human inclination is to go for natural selection which helps in the multiplication process; similarly, the discrete charm of the natural selection by the artists eventually leads to unique portrayal of life.

What is the role of the critic or the curator in this world of forms? How does he/she understand/apprehend/select an artist or a work of art to either write up on, or to present in an exhibition? Does he/she have to share the belief system of the artist, or should he/she go by his own beliefs understood from outside the creative process? It will be logical to say that the critic/curator can never be on the same wavelength of imagination of the artist, yet, they are neither poles apart. In a given situation, a collective of human beings including the critic and the artist can share the same sensibilities. This has often happened in art history. If that doesn't happen in a complex situation like today's global disorder, still one can mutually share each other's concern.

Maybe the future of art and man rest with the idea of sharing and multiplying a thousand meanings of our existence which are not bound to one single system, but are open to a million dialogues.

 - Amit Mukhopadhyay
   Guest Editor


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