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art etc. news & views

art etc. news & views is India’s first monthly art magazine published by Vikram Bachhawat for Chisel Crafts Pvt. Ltd. The magazine is not for profit but aimed at promotion of art and culture. It was conceptualized as a ready-reckoner for artists, connoisseurs, gallery owners, auction houses, collectors, investors and art enthusiasts.  

It is the only monthly art magazine coming out from India, which gives its readers current news on Art and culture, starting from details of forthcoming auctions, auction results, artist interviews and informative articles on Art,Antiques,Collectibles,Cinema,Furniture,Fashion,Jewellery etc. It also concentrates on trends in the art market, taking a close look at individual artist’s price-index as well as an informed low-down on the market trends prevalent during the months. The magazine is aimed at initiating the prospective investor/collector into the hitherto complex world of the art and collectibles market, as well as serving as a reference point for auction houses and galleries.
Each issue of art etc. news & views has a guest editor. We have already had artists like Satish Gujral, Jogen Chowdhury, Waswo. X. Waswo, famous art historian Shiv Kumar, curators like Amit Mukhopadhyay, critics like Pranabranjan Ray and Johny ML on board as Guest Editors. And more are to follow.

The magazine has a focus on each issue that is published such as Antiquities and Art treasure which was in three parts, Indian Printmaking again in three parts and Cutting Edge in two parts are some of the themes that have been dealt with. We do not only stop at this. We have a committed editorial network spread out all over the country and abroad; to mention some, we have curators like Jasmine Shah Varma from Mumbai, Sabrina Osborne and Preeti Kathuria from UK, Sunanda K. Sanyal and Neerja Poddar from USA, Frank Barthelemy from Paris/ Bengaluru, Koeli Mukherjee Ghose from Hyderabad, Vaishnavi Ramanathan from Chennai, Moushumi Kandali from the North East and critics like Mrinal Ghosh and Nanak Ganguly from Kolkata as regular contributors—thus lending a sharp authenticity to the content. Naturally, in no time, art etc. news & views has become the main source of reference for artists, galleries, collectors and critics alike.

art etc. news & views is a monthly magazine published from India in order to promote art and culture. It intends to raise awareness about art all around India and the world. The magazine covers art exhibitions, auction highlights, market trends, art happenings besides Antique, Collectibles, Fashion, Jewellery, Vintage, Furniture, Film, Music and Culture.